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If you have any questions or concerns for children with celiac disease or information on gluten free lunches, please email or contact Tana Buss, Lunch Coordinator at (801)492-8105 x116.

Provo School District

We are pleased to announce that Provo School District will now be providing Odyssey Charter’s school lunches.   Each morning your student's teacher will take a count of their class to see which students will be wanting school lunch that day.  This information will then be passed to Mrs. Buss, the school lunch manager by 9:00a.m.   

Please review our menu, located on the website,  with your students to help them determine what days they will eat lunch to enable the teachers to provide as accurate account as possible.  The daily order is placed with Provo School District at 9:00a.m. so that the meals will be ready to arrive by 11:15a.m.  If you come after 9:00a.m., please note that you will need to provide a lunch for your student for that day as the order will have already been called in.


If your family is experiencing financial difficulties, (even if only temporarily) your child may qualify to receive meals at no cost or at a reduced price of 40 cents per meal. The application is available at the Front Desk and is also attached below. We encourage everyone who may be helped by this program to apply.


*** See attached August Lunch calendar below.

Free and Reduced-Price Lunches

Good news!  Odyssey Charter is now able to offer “Free and Reduced Lunches” for all qualifying families.  Do you qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program?  It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out an application and submit it to see if you qualify for either Free or Reduced.  Reduced lunches are only $0.40 a lunch!  Feel free to pick up an application at the school or open the attachment below for the application.  Applications should be turned in to the office.  If you have any questions, please email 

If you have questions about any of the lunch options, please email


Please note, a meal CANNOT be given out to a parent or to a sibling.  Federal laws mandate that we place the lunch with the student.   This rule does NOT apply to pizza since pizza is a fund-raiser and is not handled the same way. 

Please see link below for Odyssey's Wellness Policy

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