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Lunch Information

For Free and Reduced Lunch, a new application is required every school year.  You may obtain an application at the school or you may download 09 Free Reduced-price Application down below. 

If you have any questions,concerns with Celiacs or gluten free lunches you can either send an email to lunch@odysseycharter.net or contact Tana Buss, Lunch Coordinator at (801)492-8105 x116.

This year we are happy to have two options for ordering lunches:
#1.  Utah Smart Lunches
           Orders must be placed on the website:  www.utahsmartlunches.com  All orders must be placed by NOON the day before.  You do, however, have until 7:00a.m. to cancel a meal for that school day.  You do that by sending an email to utahsmartlunches@gmail.com .  Visa and Mastercard are accepted.  Refunds will not be given unless orders are cancelled by 7:00a.m.  by sending an email to utahsmartlunches@gmail.com .
  #2.  Pizza Fridays!
As a fundraising effort this year we are introducing "pizza Fridays."  Order forms are available at the front office, or online.  Pizza is $1.00/slice, water is $.25.  You may order as many slices as you would like.  This is a great way for Odyssey to earn money - all the money goes to the school!  Pizza order forms are attached below.  You can print them off and send them in to the office to complete your order.  Thanks for your support! 

Free and Reduced-Price Lunches

Good news!  Odyssey Charter is now able to offer “Free and Reduced Lunches” for all qualifying families.  Do you qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program?  It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out an application and submit it to see if you qualify for either Free or Reduced.  Reduced lunches are only $0.40 a lunch!  Feel free to pick up an application at the school or open the attachment below for the application.  Applications should be turned in to the office.  If you have any questions, please email lunch@odysseycharter.net. 

If you have questions about any of the lunch options, please email lunch@odysseycharter.net

Lunch Schedule 2013-2014

Grades 1-2    11:30-12:05
Grades 3-4    11:50-12:25
Grades 5-6    12:10-12:45



Also, a meal cannot be given out to a parent or to a sibling.  Federal laws mandate that we place the lunch with the student.   This rule does NOT apply to pizza since pizza is a fund-raiser and is not handled the same way. 

Please see link below for Odyssey's Wellness Policy

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